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W. R. Paton, The Greek Anthology (Loeb Edition)

The Greek Anthology with an English Translation by W. R. Paton in five volumes. Volume 1, 1916. Scanned by the Tim Spalding.

This edition of the Greek Anthology comes from Loeb Classical Library, translated by W. R. Patton with facing Greek text. Patton's translation is broken into five volumes; at present, only volume 1 (books 1-6) is online.

Volume 1

About the Greek Anthology

The Greek Anthology is a collection of over 6,000 short Greek poems. They cover a great variety of subjects in various styles, and were composed by some 300 poets over more than a millenium of Greek culture. They vary widely in quality, but include some of the best verse written in Greek. The majority of the poems come from a single manuscript, the so-called "Palatine Anthology," and were assembled in the 10th century. Others were collected by late 13th century monk Planudes. (For move about the anthology read Paton's preface.)

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