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The only portion of the site which asks for user input is the The Wiki Classical Dictionary (WCD). This is a "wiki" operating with exactly the same software as Wikipedia. Information you add to the WCD is subject to WCD Copyrights and Guidelines (see also Disclaimers. These pages also limit the ways informaton on the WCD may be used by the WCD and others, forbiding its reuse on any other site without permission, except in cases of "fair use" as defined in US Copyright Law. As with all Wikis, submitted material can be edited, rewritten or deleted at the whim of other users without moral or legal recourse.

If you chose to create a username, the system will allow you to provide an email. Providing an email is optional, and only serves to allow the system to send you another password if you lose yours. Under no circumstances will the staff of access, disseminate or otherwise use this email address. If you can't get the system to send you your password automatically, you are out of luck.

If you are a child

First, if you are a child you a way too young to contribute to the "Wiki Classical Dictionary," which is intended for serious scholars. Even if you merely want to read, check with your parent or guardian before using the site. Although the site contains nothing pornographic or illegal it is geared to adult scholarship and discussion of history, literature and culture; some of this may surprise you; most of it will bore you.

In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Act (see here) we hereby state:

1. Contact information. The operator, Tim Spalding, resides at 28 Atlantic Street, Portland, ME 04101; phone 207 899-1910; email

2. Information collected. The site collects no information except that submitted to the Wiki Classical Dictionary, a Wiki using the same MediaWiki software as "Wikipedia." Simple cookies are sometimes placed in the user's browser to maintain state between pages. This information is not tracked or aggregated in any way, and the site will function with cookies turned off or refused.

3. How information is used. The Wiki Classical Dictionary is an open system. Information posted is posted. There is no "use" other than this.

4. We will not ask the disclosure of information beyond what is necessary for the site.

5. Parents can express praise or concern by emailing

Thanks for stopping by,