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the plebs, Cic. pro Lege Manil. 19), they were no doubt descendants of freedmen. The name was evidently derived from lens* like Cicero from cicer, &c. (Cic. ad Ait. i. 19. § 2; Plin. H. N. xviii. 3.)


1. L. Cornelius Lentulus, Senator b. c. 387.

2. L. Corn. Lentulus, Cos. b. c. 387.

3. Ser. Corn. Lentulus, Cos. b. c. 303.

4. Tib. Corn. Lentulus.

5. L. Corn. Lentulus, Cos. b. c. 275. I

7. P. Com. Lentulus Caudinus, Cos. b.c. 236.

6. L. Corn. Lentulus Caudinus* Cos. b. c. 237.

8. L. Com. Lentulus 9. P. Corn. Lentulus 10- P',?om.'

Caudinus, Aed. Caudinus, Pr. Caudinus, Fr.

Cur. b. c. 209. b. c. 204. B* c> -"*•

I . __ _ TJ

j 14. Corn. Lentulus,

orn. Len- 12. L. Corn. Lentulus, Pr. b. c. 134.

tulus, Cos. b. c. 201.

13. L. Corn. Len­tulus Lupus, Cos. b.c. 167*

Cos. b. c. 199.


15. Cn. Corn. Lentu­ lus, Cos. b.c. 97. 16. P. Corn. Lentulus, I

Cos. «. c. 162. 24. Cn. Corn. Len- I tulus Clodianus, Cos. b.c. 72.

17. P. Corn. Lentulus.


18. P. Corn." Lentulus 25. Cn. Com. Len- Sura, Cos. b. c. tulus Clodianus* 71. A Catilin- b.c. 60. arian conspirator b. c. 63. Married Julia, mother of the triumvir, M. Antonius.

22. C. Corn. Lentulus, Triumvir Col. Deduc. b. c. 199.

19. P Corn. Len­tulus.

20. P. Corn. .Len­tulus Spin- 23. Cn. Corn. Lentulus,

ther, Cos. b.c. 57.

21. P. Corn. Len­tulus Spin-ther, Pro-quaestor b.c. 44.

26 L. Corn. Len­tulus Crus, Cos. b. c. 49.

31. L. Lentuhis, b. c. 168.

Cos. b. c. 146.

27. Serv. Corn. Lentulus, Cur. Aed. b.c. 207.

28. Serv. Corn. Lentulus, 29. P. Corn. Len- Pr. b. c. 169. tulus, Legatus

| b. c. 171. 30. L. Corn. Lentulus, Pr. b. c. 140.

32. Cn. Lentulus Vatia, b. c. 56.

33. L. Corn. Len- 35. Lentulus Cruscellio, tulus Nitfer, b. c. 43. Flamen Martis, b.c. 57.

34. L. Corn. Lentulus, Flam. Martis.

Imperial Peribd.

36. Cn. Corn. Lentulus, Cos. b. c. 18.

37. Cn. Corn. Lentulus 38. L. Corn. Lentulus* Augur, Cos. b. c. Cos. a. c. 3. 14.

39. Cossus Corn. Lentulus

Gaetulicus, Cos. b. c. 1.

40. Cossus Corn. Lentulus. 41. Cn. Corn. Lentulus

Cos. a. d. 25. Gaetulicus, Cos. A. o. 26.

42. Cossus Corn. Lentulus, a. d. 60.

43. Lentulus, Mimographer.

For the Lentuli Marcellini, see marcellus.

1. L. cornelius lentulus, was the only senator who voted against buying off Brennus and his Gauls, B. c. 387. (Liv. ix. 4.)

2. L. cornelius L. f. lentulus, son of the last (Liv. L c1.), consul in B. c. 327. He commanded an army of observation against the Samnites just before the second Samnite war, b. c. 324. (Liv.



viii. 22, 23.) He was legate in the Caudine cam paign, five years after, and advised the consuls to accept the terms offered by the enemy. (Liv. ix. 4.) Next year he was dictator, and he probably was the officer who avenged the disgrace of the Furculae Caudinae. This was indeed disputed (Liv. ix. 15) ; but his descendants at least claimed the honour for him, by assuming the agnomen of Caudinus. [See No. 6.]

3. serv. cornelius cn. f. cn. n. lentulus, consul in b. c. 303. (Liv. x. 1 ; Fasti Cap.)

4. tib. cornelius serv. f. cn. n. lentulus, son of the last. [See the next.]

5. L. cornelius tib. f. serv. n. lentulus, son of the last, consul B, c. 275. (Fasti Cap.)

6. L. cornelius L. f. tib. n. lentulus caudinus, son of the last. (Fasti Cap. a. u. 516.) He is the first who is expressly recorded with the agnomen Caudinus: but as the Fasti are mutilated, it may have been assumed by his father. He was curule aedile (Vaillant, Cornelii No. \8,Papirii No. 1); Pontifex Maximus (Liv. xxii. 10); and as consul in b. c. 237, he triumphed over the Ligu-rians. (Fasti Cap. ; Eutrop. iii. 2.) He died b. c. 213. (Liv. xxv. 2.)

7. P. cornelius L. f. tib. n. lentulus cau­dinus, brother of the last, consul in b. c. 236. (Fasti, A. u. 517 ; Vaill. Cornelii, No. 19; Spanh. Num. vol. ii. p. 220.)

8. L. cornelius L. f. L. n. lentulus cau­dinus, son of No. 6, curule aedile in b.c. 209. (Liv. xxvii. 21.)

9. P. cornelius L. f. L. n. lentulus cau­dinus, brother of the last; with P. Scipio in Spain, B. c. 210 (Liv. xxvi. 48) ; praetor b. c. 204 (Id. xxix. 38) ; one of the ten ambassadors sent to Philip of Macedon in b.c. 196. (Id. xxxiii. 35, 39).

10. P. cornelius P. f. L. n. lentulus, son of No.7, praetor in Sicily b.c. 214, and continued in his province for the two following years. (Liv. xxiv. 9, 10, 44, xxv. 3, xxvi. 1.) In b.c. 189 he was one of ten ambassadors sent into Asia after the submission of Antiochus. (Id. xxxvii. 55.)

11. cn. cornelius L. f. L. n. lentulus (Fasti Cap. a. u. 552); perhaps son of No. 8, since we find him designated as L. f. L. n.; though, on the other hand, his praenomen Cneius, and the ab­sence of the agnomen Caudinus, are opposed to this connection. He was quaestor in b. c. 212; curule aedile with his brother (No. 12) in 204 ; consul in 201 (Liv. xxv. 17, xxix. 11, xxx. 40, 44). He wished for the province of Africa, that he might conclude the war with Carthage; but this well-earned glory was reserved for Scipio by the senate. Lentulus had the command of the fleet on the coast of Sicily, with orders to pass over to Africa if neces­sary. Scipio used to say, that but for Lentulus's greediness he should have destroyed Carthage. (Liv. xxx. 40—44.) Cn. Lentulus was proconsul in Hither Spain in b. c. 199, and had an ovation for his services. (Id. xxxi. 50, xxxiii. 27.)

12. L, cornelius L. f. L. n. lentulus, bro­ther of the last (Vaill. Cornelii, No. 28), praetor in Sardinia b.c. 211 (Liv. xxv. 41, xxvi. 1), suc­ceeded Scipio as proconsul in Spain, where he re­mained for eleven years, and on his return was not allowed more than an ovation, because he only held proconsular rank. (Liv. xxviii. 38, xxix. 2,11, 13, xxx. 41, xxxi. 20,30.) During his absence iu

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