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Aemilius Papus, was sent against the inhabitants of Sardinia, who had revolted, and whom he quickly brought to subjection again. On his re­turn to Italy he fought against the Gauls who were returning from Etruria, and fell in the battle. (Polyb. ii. 23, 27, 28 ; Zonar. viii. 20 ; Oros. iv. 13 ;*Eutrop. Hi. 5 ; Plin. //. N. iii. 20.)

REGULUS, LICFNIUS, was one of the senators who did not obtain a place in the senate when that body was reorganised by Augustus. (Dion Cass. liv. 14.)

REGULUS, LIVINEIUS. 1, 2. M. livi-neius regulus and L. livineius regulus, two brothers, who were friends of Cicero, and dis­played their zeal in his cause when he was banished, B. c. 58. Cicero does not mention their gentile name ; but as he speaks of Livineius as a freedman of M. Regulus, and L. Livineius Trypho as a freed­man of L. Regulus, there can be no doubt that their gentile name was Livineius (Cic. ad Alt. iii. 17, ad Fam. xiii. 60). One of these brothers, pro­bably Lucius, fought under Caesar in the African war, b. c. 46 (Hirt. B. Afr. 89), and he is ap­parently the same as the L. livineius regulus, whose name occurs on a great number of coins struck in the time of Julius Caesar and Augustus. Specimens of the most important of these are given below. The head on the obverse of the first four is the same, and is probably intended to represent some ancestor of the Reguli. Oil the obverse of the first we have the legend l. regvlvs pr., and on the reverse regvlvs p. praef. (vr.) The pr. on the obverse signifies praetor, and re­gvlvs f. on the reverse signifies regulus fi-lius. It would, therefore, appear that the coins were struck by Regulus, the son of L. Regu­lus the praetor ; and from the addition of praef. vr., that is, Praefectus Urbi, it would further seem that he was one of the praefecti urbi, who were left by Caesar in charge of the city, when he marched against the sons of Pompey in Spain in b. c. 45. (Dion Cass. xliii. 28.) These praefects had the right of the fasces and the sella curulis, as appears from the reverse of the first two coins. The combats of wild beasts on the reverse of the third .coin probably refer to the splendid games exhibited by Julius Caesar. The fifth coin was struck at a later time by Regulus, when he was triumvir of the mint under Augustus. On the obverse is the head of Augustus with c. caesar ill. vir R. P. c. (i. e. triumvir rei-publicae constituendae), and on the reverse a figure of Victory. (Eckhel, vol. v. pp. 235, 237.)



3. livineius regulus, a senator in the reign of Tiberius, who defended Cn. Piso in A. d. 20, when many of his other friends declined the un­popular office. [Piso, No. 23.] He was after­wards expelled from the senate, though on what occasion is not mentioned ; and at a still later time, in the reign of Nero, a. d. 59, he was banished on account of certain disturbances which took place at a shoAV of gladiators which he gave. (Tac. Ann. iii. 11, xiv. 17.)

REGULUS, ME'MMIUS. [memmius, Nos. 11 and 12.]

REGULUS, M.. METI'LIUS, consul a d. 157, with M. Civica Barbarus (Fasti).

REGULUS, RO'SCIUS, was consul suffectus in the place of Caecina, for a single day in a. d. 69. (Tac. Hist. iii. 37.)


REMUS, the twin brother of Romulus. [See romulus.]

RENIA GENS, known to us only from coins, a specimen of which is annexed. On the obverse is the head of Pallas, and on the reverse a chariot drawn by two goats, with c. rent, and underneath roma. To what circumstance these goats allude, it is quite impossible to say. (Eckhel, vol. v. pp. 291, 292.)


REPENTINUS, CALPURNIUS, a centu­rion in the army in Germany, was put to death on account of his fidelity to the emperor Galba, a. d. 69. (Tac. Hist. i. 56, 59.)

REPENTINUS, FA'BIUS, praefectus prae-torio, with Cornelius Victorinus, under the emperor Antoninus Pius, (Capitol. Anton. Pius^ 8.)

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